UR Services

Services provided

Phillip provides a range of town planning services involving :

  • DA Consulting / Contract opportunities
  • Preparation of Statement of Environmental Effects (SoEE's)
  • Preparation / lodgement of Development Applications (DA's)
  • Development Application Assessments (contract roles)
  • Preparation of SEPP 1 Objections
  • s96 Modifications of Consent
  • s82A Review of Determinations
  • s149 Planning Certificates (zonings)

- what is involved :

- prepare

  • initial consultation with you
  • Council consultation
  • preparation of application
  • application submission to Council

- assess

  • Council receives your application
  • Council carries out assessment

- Approved! - what do you do next?

  • choose a certifier
  • engage a builder

Like to make contact ?

To provide the necessary town planning services for you, please go to the contact URplans page and provide us with your details. Or you can choose to download our forms and Phillip can respond to your enquiry.

developURplans can recommend:

www.designcorp.com.au and www.faircorp.com.au to assist in design and building.

Thank you for choosing Phillip to 'develop your plans'.

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